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Elementary Counseling

K-6 Counseling Group Descriptions

Edmonds Heights

Fall 2021


Counseling groups at Edmonds Heights offer your child the opportunity to receive targeted social-emotional support during the school year. The time scheduled with your child will allow them to work in a small group setting with their peers where they will learn and practice using basic social-emotional skills. We will also discuss “here and now” daily difficulties and share possible solutions. We will address various topics, such as: feelings identification, relationships with friends and family, self-management, problem solving, self-esteem, school adjustment and mental health. The goal of this support service is to increase students’ knowledge and use of personal, social, and emotional skills. Broadly defined, social emotional skills (SEL) include Social Awareness, Self Awareness, Self Management, Responsible Decision Making and Relationship Skills. For more information about SEL, click here 


Information shared by students in counseling groups is considered confidential. As such, parent participation and observation is not permitted. However, parents will be provided with information and resources in order to reinforce specific skills at home. For more information about confidentiality and consent, click here.


The following is a brief description of each group with some examples of curriculum materials that may be used. Lesson plans and focus will vary depending on the presenting issues of group members. 


  • Social-Emotional (K-2): improve empathy, emotion management, social skills, and problem solving skills using Social Squad, Social Thinking and Second Step 

  • Managing Anxiety and Stress (3-4); increase emotional regulation and mindfulness skills using Second Step, Zones of Regulation and Mind Up 

  • Organization and Study Skills (4-5); improve executive functioning skills from Smart but Scattered and NASP HOPS guide, and Cool Brain Stuff 

  • Mental Health (5-6); support mental and emotional wellbeing and learn effective, healthy coping strategies using Stress Happens, CBT and DBT tools, and Cool Brain Stuff 


Feel free to contact Molly Bright, School Counselor, if you have any questions or concerns. You can reach Molly at (425) 431-1214 or at