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Student Support Team


Emily Pool is a school counselor who supports our secondary students, grades 7 through 12. Her primary responsibilities are: 

  • Counseling support for grades 7-12
  • 504 plans for middle and high school students 
  • Test coordinator for SBA 
  • Academic planning for high school and beyond
  • Running Start Coordinator
  • Naviance (district online High School & beyond planning tool)


Email Emily Pool

Phone: (425) 431-1702  
Schedule an Appointment with Emily HERE



Molly Bright is a school counselor who supports our elementary students in grades K-6. Her primary responsibilities are: 

  •  Individual and small group counseling
  • Parent and teacher consultation and training
  • Problem Solving Team lead
  • 504 case manager for elementary age students

Molly works Tuesdays/ Thursdays and alternate Fridays.

Email Molly Bright 

Phone: (425) 431-1214

Schedule an appointment with Molly Go to appointment page for this calendar



  Julie Busse is a school psychologist who works with students and families in grades K through 12.     Her primary responsibilities are: 

  • Leading and facilitating the Disability Evaluation Team (DET)
  • Coordinating special education evaluations
  • Processing special education transfers (students with IEPs)
  • Reevaluating students with existing IEPs (every 3 years)
  • Assessing students with significant academic, adaptive and /or social emotional challenges
  • Collaborating with the DET to determine eligibility and need for special education services  

Email Julie Busse

Phone: (425) 431-1085
Schedule an appointment with Julie here