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Edmonds Heights K-12 (EHK12) is a public school in the Edmonds School District and an Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) parent partnership program. An ALE public school is one in which some or all of the instruction is delivered outside of a regular classroom schedule. EHK12 follows all public education requirements, plus ALE requirements found in WAC 392-550.

As a parent partnership program, the parent/guardian is the primary educator for their child(ren). At Edmonds Heights, our certificated staff partners with parents/guardians to help them create a Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP) that meets the public school grade level requirements and honors the parent/guardian as the primary educator of their child.  

A student at Edmonds Heights participates in learning in (4) ways:

  • Parent/guardian led learning

  • Cooperative parent/guardian led learning

  • Workshops

  • Certificated teacher classes.  As a general guideline:*

    • K-6 students will take up to 3 certificated teacher classes

    • 7th-12th grade students may take up to 4 certificated teacher classes

*Note: Certificated teacher instruction makes up a portion of a child’s overall learning plan as detailed in the WSLP. The expectation is that parents/guardians are providing home-based learning.

Edmonds Heights partners with the parent/guardian educator in a number of ways:

  • Certificated teachers who:

    • Provide classes taught by certificated teachers that support grade level learning standards

    • Provide expertise in helping to make curriculum choices

    • Advise in the development of a Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP)

    • Monitor ALE guidelines compliance, including weekly contact, and adequate monthly progress

  • Workshop classes taught by community members

  • Facilitating community-building opportunities for families engaged in parent/guardian-led learning at home

  • Equipping parent/guardian primary educators through

The parent/guardian educator partners with EHK12 by:

  • Attending LINC orientation

  • Implementing your student’s Written Student Learning Plan that was collaboratively created with a certificated staff advisor

  • Updating the WSLP monthly to show your child(ren)’s monthly progress

  • Maintaining weekly contact with a certificated teacher

  • Being present on campus with your child(ren) under age 12