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Written Student Learning Plans

The WSLP is the legal document that enables our program to individualize the learning for each student. Each EHK12 student has a personalized, unique educational plan drafted in cooperation with the parents and/or legal guardian with the support and approval of a certificated teacher and advisor. The WSLP allows students to account for experiences outside of the school classroom as a credible part of their education.

Enrollment at Edmonds Heights must be reflected in the WSLP. The plan includes a combination of parent-led (remote) learning, workshops, and certificated teacher classes at EHK12.

Parents access our classes to supplement, not replace, their parent-led learning.

The WSLP includes the following components for each course the student is learning for the year:
· Learning Goals and Objectives: Each course in the WSLP has broad academic goals and objectives that have been written by our certificated teachers and are aligned with our state standards.
· Activities: Parents/Students work with their advisor to determine what activities will be used to meet the goals & objectives of each course.
· Evaluation Plan and Timeline: Parents/Students work with their advisor to decide the best plan for showing that a student is making progress in each course (e.g., tests, projects, completed work, etc) and when the learning will be completed (e.g., end of the semester, end of the year, etc).
· Resources: Parents/Students work with their advisor to decide which resources will be used to complete the learning necessary to meet the goal & objectives of each course:
Online curriculum? Textbooks? Experiential learning? Workshops? Any purchases with student budgets must also be included as resources in the WSLP.

Once the WSLP is approved, it does not need to be modified again unless the course details outlined above need to be changed or updated. WSLPs can be modified anytime with certificated teacher approval.

WSLP Progress: Parents/Students must submit a progress statement in ALE for all remote courses and workshop classes. Certificated teachers will report progress for all of their classes. Parent/Student Progress statements must clearly address how learning is progressing towards the stated goals and objectives for each remote course as outlined in the WSLP. Monthly Overall progress is determined by the student’s WSLP advisor.
Progress may be deemed as “unsatisfactory” if progress statements and work samples are not submitted by the deadline or if a certificated teacher reviews the progress and concludes it is unsatisfactory. State law outlines consequences for not making monthly progress in the WSLP. Not making progress or completing monthly responsibilities may result in a student being withdrawn from the program and/or partial loss of allocation.

Parent/Student Progress statements and work samples are due from the 1st to the 5th of each month (October through June).
Overall Monthly Progress is reviewed by advisors by the end of each month.
Progress results are communicated to parents and students in ALE, our student system.

Independent Home Learning Requirement For High School Crediting

We are proud to offer a wide array of High School classes to supplement your home learning in achieving a comprehensive curriculum for your students. We have limited instructional time to work with our students in a classroom setting during a school year (approximately 60 hours). In order to round out a full, 1.0 high school credit, there is an independent home learning requirement for each credit that is worth approximately ¼ of a high school credit.
The evaluating certificated teacher does not create this home learning component, but may be a consultant in designing it. Students and their parents need to submit a plan no later than October 1 to the classroom teacher (that is awarding the classroom credit). That teacher will determine if the student met the plan to receive full credit at the end of the school year. Please see your Advisor or the teacher of that particular subject area for their particular guidelines.