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Special Education

Edmonds Heights K-12 has a special education program for students with mild to moderate disabilities who require specially designed instruction. Our program is similar to a resource room model used in traditional schools for special education. Students who have significant disabilities and require a full-time special education class may or may not be a good fit for our program at Edmonds Heights. 

Our special education teachers provide and monitor response to specially designed instruction in collaboration with parents and general education teachers. They also consult with parents, general education teachers and specialists regarding curricular adaptations, test modifications, learning styles, and means of assisting students within general education and other settings.

If your child is struggling and you think they may have a disability, please consult with your WSLP advisor or the school psychologist to determine the best course of action. In some cases, instructional interventions with progress monitoring may be warranted before considering special education. If your student has a known disability or previous special education services, they may or may not require special education or a 504 accommodation plan. The first step is getting in touch with your advisor and setting up a team meeting to discuss the disability and its impact on educational progress. 

Edmonds Heights K-12  Special Education Referral and Evaluation Process