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Washington State has new rules regarding attendance, weekly contact and truancy. We will define each area and answer some questions about implementation at EHK-12.



Class attendance refers to attendance in any Certificated Classes or Workshop a student is enrolled in.

Class attendance is expected at Edmonds Heights. When enrolled in a class or workshop, attendance is essential to the academic achievement of each and every student. Each teacher or workshop instructor has classroom expectations for attendance and takes attendance daily.   

Parents/Guardians and students are expected to contact teachers when absent and follow up with any missed assignments.   Class attendance will affect only class progress, unless it is the only certificate class in which the student is enrolled; this class is then used to meet the weekly contact requirements.
Please complete this form when your student is absent from class. You may also call the office attendance line at 425-431-4685.

Weekly Contact:

All students enrolled in an ALE program must have weekly contact with a certificated teacher as outlined in the state rules- WAC 392-550-040.  

Weekly Contact is defined as two way communication between teacher and student discussing some aspect of the WSLP.

At EHK-12, students meet the weekly contact requirement by being enrolled in and attending a certificated teacher class each week.  Students who are absent from all cert classes in a week must connect with their advisor to establish contact or contact the office. Full Time Running Start Students (students with no classes or home learning in their WSLP) do not need to make weekly contact.

Weekly Contact may be excused by notifying the office of valid justification.  Failure to notify the office during the week of the missed weekly contact will result in an unexcused absence.
Please don’t hesitate to contact your advisor immediately to re-establish contact if missed and to discuss any changes in your student’s schedule or WSLP as needed.  


The Truancy Law is often referred to as the “Becca Bill”. The purpose of the law is to help stop truancy before it becomes a problem. Schools and families should work together as a team to ensure school attendance and student safety. However, if a student continues to miss Weekly Contact , this law requires that schools and school districts take action for students enrolled in an ALE program.
Edmonds Heights K-12 is an Alternative Learning Experience Program (ALE) and must comply with truancy guidance from the state.