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Student Learning Allocations

2018-19 Student Budget

Student Budgets are allocated to families to be used solely for the purpose of enhancing the learning experience of the student and shall be selected based upon the student’s WSLP. The Student Budget amount for the 2018-2019 school year is $650 per full time student.

These are the parameters for Student Budgets for 2018-19:

  • Student Budgets may be used for Workshops listed in our course offerings (in Vesta).

  • Student Budgets may be used for curriculum materials.

  • All purchases need to be made by EHK12 staff.  We do not give reimbursements.

  • For materials used within the semester for which they are purchased.

  • For non-sectarian materials or curriculum only.

  • .Explicitly reflected in the Written Student Learning Plan.

  • All non-consumable curriculum materials belong to EHK-12 at the end of use.

  • Student budgets may be used for consumable supplies, such as arts and crafts, up to $200 per student (Principal permission needed to exceed this amount).

  • Purchasing must be complete for Fall by November 15 and for Spring by April 11.

  • Full time students on “Free and Reduced Lunch” qualify for $150 scholarship for EHK-12 workshops only after allocated student budget is exhausted.

No purchases allowed for toys, personal items, gifts, donations, or resale.

Self Payment for EHK12 Fee Based Classes

We have a variety of workshop offerings at EHK-12 and some have fees.   At registration, all fees are deducted from your student’s budget. Once you exceed the allotment, you are responsible to pay. We have several options for you to pay this balance:

  • Use our on-line Touchbase payment system at https://wa-edmonds.intouchreceipting.com/ . Paying online can be done at any time.

  • You may pay in the school office with credit card, check or cash during office hours.

  • If your balance is not paid in full by the time registration opens, your registration will be blocked until those fees are paid.

Student budgets receive partial refund for classes dropped on or before each Semester drop date.  There will be no refunds after the drop date of September 25th.

Steps to purchasing using your ​student's budget​ allocation​

  1. List the items in the Resource section of your student’s WSLP using the complete title and publisher if it's a workbook or textbook.

  2. Make sure you have enough money in your budget to order the items you want to purchase.

  3. Prepare a wish list from the website you would like your items purchased from. OR compose a list of items you would like purchased including the description, item number, and price.

  4. E mail temire304@edmonds.wednet.edu once your input in the WSLP is complete and you are ready for us to order. Please note which student will be using each item.

  5. Items not listed in WSLP’s, or not considered appropriate will be removed from the order.

A Few Recommended Vendors:

Amazon - Prime Only

Rainbow Resources


Most online vendors who sell new curriculum and have a return policy for defective items

Items Allowed to purchase:

  1. Consumables - items that cannot be reused by another student. Some examples are: workbooks, music books,  science kits, art supplies, educational games.

  2. Non-Consumables - items that can be reused by another student. Some examples are: books, textbooks, educational DVDs, microscopes, calculators.  Non-Consumables will be barcoded in the library then checked out to the student for as long as needed. All non-consumables belong to EHK-12 at the end of use.

Items NOT allowed to purchase:

  • items without an educational goal/activity that is clearly defined in the WSLP

  • items from online auction sites (there is no recourse for defective or counterfeit goods)

  • computers and computer supplies

  • backpacks

  • memberships

  • garden supplies

  • animals, insects, fish

  • sports equipment, uniforms/shoes

  • textbooks for Running Start

  • non-consumable school supplies - binders, rulers, scissors, etc

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